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Laser Hair Removal 101: What to Expect

Do you grow tired of unwanted and embarrassing hair growth? Laser hair removal is an effective way for those who have dark and coarse hair as well as light skin.

Choose the right treatment

Laser hair removal is almost more effective than IPL systems. The reason for this is that the laser has more power, the perfect pulse length and optimized wavelength for efficient and permanent hair removal. The laser energy is converted into heat, destroying the hair follicle without damaging the skin. The diode laser is faster and safer than previous generations of laser and light treatments.

How does the laser treatment for hair removal work?

The laser passes through the layers of the skin and heats up the pigment in the hair. The heat spreads from the hair down to the hair roots which are heated to about 70 ° C and destroys hair-producing cells.

Achieving optimal results requires the follicles to reach the right temperature. It is, therefore, important to adapt the strength depending on the skin and hair type.

In comparison to other hair removal methods, the risk of skin damage is small. Diode laser‘s built-in cooling system cools the skin during treatment. The temperature in the hair roots is not affected by the cooling. It will, therefore, have a selective removal.

What to consider before laser treatment?

One should refrain from sun 4-8 weeks before and after treatment, as tanned skin reduces the effect of hair removal, and increases the risk of pigmentation changes. Pigment changes resulted after the hair removal, however, of only about 1 percent of the patients, provided adequate evaluation and preparation before the actual process.

The hair should be shaved or cut the day before or the day before hair removal treatment.

One should not wax, pluck or bleach the hairs earlier than six weeks before the treatment because the laser will only act on hair follicles containing hair.

Laser Hair Removal – The Treatment

In most cases, one might need 6-8 treatments to achieve the optimal effect of hair removal, but this can vary between patients. Some may require more treatments. The reason is, the removal directly affects the active follicles. Dormant hair follicles do lack pigment and may not be impacted by the removal.

Hair removal takes anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours depending on the size of the body area that needs treatment.

Compared to other methods of hair removal, laser treatment is significantly less painful. Most patients may feel the heat of the laser but can be tolerable. The integrated cooling system as well helps relieve the pain in the treatments. If necessary, certain sensitive areas of skin pre-treated with a topical anesthetic.

There should be a gap of 4-8 weeks between treatments because you have to wait until the dormant hair follicles become active again. Some patients may find that they might have more hair after a few hair removal treatments. The explanation is that remaining dormant hair follicles got “activated” by the laser and trigger faster hair growth. It makes it easier for you to get rid of these “newly active” follicles during subsequent processing.

What to consider after laser treatment?

After the treatment, some may notice redness and a little swelling. In some cases, water blisters may be present within a week. It is important not to tear the blisters because they can become infected and produce scarring.

It is important to protect the treated body parts from sun exposure to minimize the pigmentation on the skin especially in the first 6-8 weeks after Jacksonville Laser Hair Removal. After a laser treatment, one should also avoid training, sauna and go swimming within 24 hours.

Extra tip:

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